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International Journal of Coaching Science Vol. 5 No. 1 January 2011. pp.57-69


The aim of this research was to assess and analyse a large group of practicing coaches’ perceptions of Small-Sided Football (SSF), a modified games-based training and playing format, and whether its implementation throughout the grassroots of Australian Association Football has been effective.  A survey was developed and completed by 127 coaches based in the Sydney metropolitan area.  The demographic and psychometric data collected indicated that the governing body, Football Federation Australia (FFA), has effectively implemented SSF across the board.  This study has shown that more work could be done in the areas of education and training, and the issue of winning versus development.  Coaches indicated support of FFA’s philosophy and implementation of SSF, and are willing to adapt and implement the curriculum together with promotion and support of club administrators.  Full-text article

Suggested citation

Siokos, A. (2011). Determining the effectiveness of Small-Sided Football (SSF) implementation in metropolitan              Association Football. International Journal of Coaching Science, 5(1), 57-69.


4 Responses to IJCS publication

  1. Marko Filipovic says:

    It’s so impressive just how extensive your research into this issue was and that it took, to my understanding, 12 months for national and international peers to verify the work before it got published. Add to that the extensive list of publications that you read to gather your information, it’s clear to me that we have intellects working in and around the game – and that you went to great depth to accomplish your work.

    So, I can’t help but hope that if that amount of detail and analysis was put into the finer areas of how to teach technique (which progresses to intelligent technique), and how to teach playing systems within SSGs (which facilitate the rapid growth of TE-TA i.e. technical-tactical intellect in football), we could produce an improved football culture.

    Who is responsible for that part?

    Great work, Anthony.


  2. Darren Burgess says:

    Well done on the publication, Anthony.

    We need far more APPLIED research like this, particularly regarding SSGs and their implementation in Australia.

    Great work, mate.

    Darren Burgess

  3. Bonita Mersiades says:

    Anthony, well done! This is a really valuable contribution to the understanding of the implementation of Small Sided Games and one which should inform future work in this area. It’s very encouraging for the development of the game.

    It is also good to see a young Australian researcher and football fan published in a learned Journal, and I encourage you to keep pursuing your work in this field to help improve our understanding of issues from a strong evidence base.


  4. Craig Foster says:

    Well done, Anthony. An outstanding piece of research into an area Australia was struggling to come to terms with culturally: the need to migrate to smaller pitches for young footballers to better learn the game.

    Vital in Australia for the football community to have empirical proof to make the important leap of faith, and thankfully SSGs have now taken root and after the initial scepticism, are growing strongly.

    It is research like yours that adds significant weight to the arguments for change.

    I’d love to see further research into other cultural issues within football, so keep at it!


    Craig Foster
    SBS Chief Football Analyst

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