Brosque keeps banging on Pim’s door

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To turn down Alex Brosque for a place in the 23-man Socceroos squad would be to shatter the hopes and dreams of every aspiring footballer in Australia.  Brosque has been Sydney FC’s shining star this season; quick, determined and a constant goal-threat.  The Socceroos need strikers like Tony Abbott needs new swimming trunks, desperately.  Here is an opportunity for national coach, Pim Verbeek to not only strengthen his attacking options but to showcase the Hyundai A-League to the powerbrokers we must woo at FIFA to win either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup bid.

Brosque has been electric, a man possessed with lightening speed not seen in previous seasons.  Is this super run of form down to his new Czech coach, Vítězslav Lavička?  Perhaps.  Is it a burning ambition to play in the World Cup?  Perhaps.  Is it an internal desire to see the Sky Blues win the title?  Perhaps.  It’s probably all of those reasons and more, for which, we love him.  He embodies the spirit, glamour and energy of the Harbour City.

In all likelihood it’s a certain Melbourne Victory striker Brosque will have to pip to the post if he wants to be on the plane to South Africa.  Archie Thompson is equally keen to impress Verbeek.  He has the great advantage of being involved in the last campaign, experience counts.  What might go against both of these great Aussie talents is their style of play.  Is it really what Verbeek is looking for?  Both aren’t target-men.  The Socceroos need a target at the point of the 4-2-3-1 formation.  Clearly, Josh Kennedy is not the answer but Verbeek is a change sceptic, although open to the idea of calling-up Brosque.

What’s impressed me about Brosque this season is his conscious aforethought.  He tries and tries, then tries some more.  He’s won penalties with his explosive speed in the box, he’s scored goals with his head and he’s showing his versatility by using his right foot (and even scored with it) which he previously used only for balance.  For the A-League, this type of technical standard is lauded as is the effort.  Imagine this intensity was the norm in Australian football, nice thought.

Watching Sydney destroy North Queensland Fury proved that in parts, the A-League is thoroughly entertaining.  Brosque’s brisk brace was the highlight of a feel good night out at the Sydney Football Stadium.  Nothing like a World Cup draw and marquee visit by Robbie Fowler to boost the crowd.  A Melbourne/Sydney Grand Final is looming.  Thompson versus Brosque for a place in the World Cup, great headline.  What an advertisement to Come Play!

The lad is ready for the big stage; he deserves a chance to showcase his talents to the world.  Brosque is media savvy too, watch him interviewed and he’s calm and composed, the mark of a true professional.  He’s also a humanitarian working as an ambassador for Football United, a refugee football program supporting social integration and development.  Brosque has gone under the radar for far too long; he ticks all the right boxes and is a valuable option for the Socceroos.

So, I ask Verbeek…  Is there any better choice?


3 Responses to Brosque keeps banging on Pim’s door

  1. Paul Oliveri says:

    well said anth, i remember brosque carving it up back when he played for marconi and always liked how is handles himself on the field. gifted player, if pim would have 2 pick a last striker, i would say drop holman, and if it came down to brosque and archie, then brosque would get the nod. archie is a great finisher, but brosque sets them and does abit more of the hard yakka and when required will finish.

  2. adam says:

    yes he should go because he cant do any worse than Brett HOLMAN

  3. SonjaH8sBlogs says:

    alex = awesome

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